Depending on the application, the lumber can be graded according to its characteristics.

Grading redwood by appearance is a tradition in our firm. The skill has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a time intensive activity as it is done manually by analysing each knot/defect.  When grading carpentry quality by appearance (according to the aesthetic aspect), the lumber is categorised into quality classes according to the Antwerp grading method, resulting in grade I, II or III.  This method allows us to bundle the best qualities enabling customers to buy the exact quality they are looking for with a minimum of rejects.

Quality I: knotless on the three graded sides
Quality II: the size of the knots in 25-mm thick planks is limited to 10-12 mm depending on the width.
Quality III: 25-mm thick planks should not have any knots over 15 mm in diameter on the three graded sides (a 1 euro cent coin).

When grading visually for strength, the lumber is categorised into strength classes S6, S8 and S10 or C16, C18 and C24. Stevens & C° NV is officially recognised under number ATG 92/1911 (technical approval with certificate) as a producer of wood graded according to strength. Cfr Certificates.


Our warehouse is located in the port of Antwerp where the handling of the goods is done by Nova Natie. Our team consists of Bart Malisart, Jos Rynders and our grader Joseph Van Genechten.